Why we FundRaise at Donate Your Bra For A Cause

Donate Your Bra For A Cause fundraises to ship bras to breast cancer survivors and women in shelters because: An estimated 4 MILLION women are abused by their partners in the USA. Nearly 3000 women are killed by their husbands or partners every year. Most leave with only the clothes on their backs. Bras are Read more about Why we FundRaise at Donate Your Bra For A Cause[…]

Sorting Donations

I thought you might like to see our smaller warehouse, where we have stacks of deliveries waiting to be sorted. All these donations could be on their way to women in need, but we need your financial support to pay for the shipping. For just $25 we can ship 25 bras to cancer survivors and Read more about Sorting Donations[…]

Sunshine Sorter

One of our snowbird sorters works on getting her tan while sorting this week’s donations. Each of these boxes holds 250 bras which we ship to shelters all across the USA on a monthly basis. Will you help us cover the cost of shipping by making a donation?  We have over 20,000 bras at present Read more about Sunshine Sorter[…]

Donate Your Bra For A Cause Delivers

Today Mr. Goodyear hand delivered over 250 bras to a Los Angeles shelter for women in the heart of downtown, driving them all the way from Arizona. The women were smiling and it looked like a party as they went through the gift box, looking at the amazing bras that were donated. Although personal delivery Read more about Donate Your Bra For A Cause Delivers[…]

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