February 6, 2019

Help Us Reshape Women’s Lives

Did you know volunteering can give you a “helper’s high”? Studies have shown that every time you do “good” you get a hit of dopamine – that same hormone produced during really great sex…or eating something scrumptious. No wonder our volunteers have a glow about them!

Being around other volunteers is inspiring and can make you a better person too. At Donate Your Bra For A Cause we consider ourselves a beehive for volunteers, with little hives of goodness all over the USA. Smiles break out every time a box is packed and shipped, because we know we are helping to reshape women’s lives one bra at a time™.

Our project ideas for fundraising ( such as Host a Donate Your Bra Party ) can be implemented wherever you are, so if you would like to join our “hive” just buzz on over and fill out this form



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